Thursday, March 24, 2011


Knock it off. Yes, Mother Nature, I'm looking at you. I don't know if you have some kind of under the table deal with Old Man Winter or what, but this 40° rainy, windy day? I am not amused. Twas but a few days ago, Amaya and I were running around jacketless outside smelling the flowers

and now today here I am wearing my sweat pants, toes tucked under a blanket with hands wrapped tightly around my mug of coffee trying to siphon some of its warmth into the icicles I call fingers.  I mean it is Spring right?

And now I hear rumblings about possible snow over the weekend?  Really lady? Snow?! You go ahead and do what you want Ms. Nature, but just know that if I see even a single white flake you are hereby removed from my Christmas Card List. Permanently. Think about that for a bit why dontcha?

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