Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let the present acquiring begin!

Last night was the first night of Hanukkah. Little noodle is of course all about Hanukkah. He was completely entertained by the lighting of the Menorah which could have a lot to do with the comedy act that ensued when Drew couldn't get the candles to stand up straight in their holders. He'd push down on them and twist them all around, but they'd just fall over. So he'd push harder, and the darn things would snap in half. Those little wax spindles were just not interested in being a member of that particular Menorah's entourage. One of them even decided that after he'd been lit he'd had enough, so he jumped ship and landed lit on the table. Chase of course thought that was hilarious as his dad raced to put the flame out before it left a mark or--I don't know--burnt the house down. After this last set back, it occurred to me that I had another Menorah that the candles might like better, so I dragged it out. Success! Erect candles are so much easier to light as you say "Shel Hanukkah", which is the only part of the prayer that we know. Bad Jew and semi-Jew!

Oh, and what kid wouldn't like getting a gift every night for 8 nights? Last night was actually a bonus night because instead of just getting one gift from us, he also got a gift from MomMom and PopPop. Mom and dad got him a book, which (I thought) was a very cute Sandra Boynton book to help him learn the sounds that animals make. Unfortunately, the great grandparents had to go and show us up by sending Chase a deluxe Alphabet Magnet School House. With Cards!! Cards are one of the Magoo's favorite things, thus the need for their own sentence and exclamation point. Needless to say, the little book was quickly thrown aside when the school house came out. I'm sure he'll come back to January when all the cooler presents have stopped coming.

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