Monday, December 10, 2007

Chair Envy

Last week, Noodle had a Christmas gift exchange play date with his buddies at Joshua's house. Chase loved opening his presents, and given all of the practice he's had as of late, he's really good at it. We got some awesome presents from Ms. Allie: Sesame Street Character Squirters. Monkey loves squeezing on these guys, and he hasn't even taken them into the bath yet. Just wait until he realizes that he can squirt water on Daddy with them. Good times.

At the party, Chase was very attached to Joshua's pottery barn chair. All of his friends have one, and Mr. Magoo feels left out. He came right home and wrote a letter to Santa asking for his very own cushy chair. Now, the only question is whether Chase has been a good little boy this year. I think we know the answer to that one, don't we?


  1. Teresa2:17 PM

    I bet Santa knows how much Chase would like a chair of his own and brings him one!

  2. Molly4:27 PM

    I think Mrs. Santa Claus has already ordered it. The question is what color and should you put his name on it. :<)

  3. Samantha8:31 PM

    He should absolutely have his name on it...that way he can officially say, "That's MINE!" :o)