Sunday, May 06, 2007

Old McNoodle had a farm...

We went to Great Country Farms today with David, Danielle and Nate. Chase loved seeing all of the animals even the ones that gave him really disappointed glares when we didn't offer them anything to nibble on. This wasn't really our fault though as most of the little food dispensers were empty...I was fully prepared to cough up $.25 for a mini handful of dried corn, so it certainly isn't my fault that the goat had to go without his munchies today. Some of the animals sought their revenge by trying to chew my shirt or pants, and one overly ambitious pony even tried to chew Chase's fish toy right off of his stroller.

The highlight of Noodle's trip had to be sitting on the tractor with Daddy. He must have been playing the Old McDonald song in his head because his little body was just bopping away as he held on to the steering wheel. The world should be very afraid when it comes time for him to drive because judging by today's steering agility, I'm inclined to believe that Chase will be some what of a spastic driver. Just like mama.

Look at me up here on this big tractor. I'm not afraid of heights...yet.

Vrrooom Vrrooom...Where's a field for me to till?

No nibble for me, eh? Fine, I'll eat your little fishy here. Next time bring the good stuff or else!


  1. grandma10:55 AM

    what a cute little you make.

  2. grandma10:57 AM

    sorry I forgot the word farmer in my comment gues I was overcome with your cuteness Chase.