Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hello Tokyo?!?

Tonight as it was nearing Noodle's bedtime, the crankies decided to come out in full force. As I was lying on the floor trying every trick imaginable to get the fuss monster back into hiding, Andy called from the Teeter to ask me the all important question of if I wanted 1 or 2 boxes of CapNCrunch. (Just 1 which was only $0.60 after coupon--no applause necessary) Well from that moment on Young Master Chase was entranced by the phone. He spent the next 20 minutes turning that phone over in his hands...front to back, front to back, front to back. He was pressing so many buttons that I am sure that he reached several of his business associates in Japan. Every once in a while, his little noodle body would shake in what I can only assume was his victory dance. Kind of like how after his daddy has negotiated a beauty of a contract, the man celebrates by moving his hands in a motion that is a cross between a Vegas Poker Dealer and Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore while the words "Wheeling and Dealing, Wheeling and Dealing" gush in a continuous cycle from his mouth. I am sure if the little rugrat could talk, he'd have been chanting his own little triumphant mantra. Like father, like son.

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  1. Mandy9:27 AM

    I know I say it all the time--but you need to look into writing for money. You are SOOOO very good at it. I must come down to see the poker dealer-Shooter McGavin "wheelin and dealin" from Andy. :o)