Friday, November 03, 2006

Reason #123 why Chase is definitely my son

When I go to training, Jeanne makes me do these back exercises called supermen. Basically, you lay on your belly with your arms straight out over your head and lift up from your waist and your thighs. Looks kinda like you're flying. Get it? Supermen? Flying? Hee hee. You hold this flying position for however long Jeanne feels like torturing you that particular day. Usually for a count of 20 or so. It may not sound like it hurts, but go ahead and try it. Right now, I'll wait.

Kinda hurt huh? Anyway...back to how this relates to Chase. The little bugger is growing and growing and growing. I've tried bricks on his head, but they don't seem to be working. Our tummy time now is spent with him trying to sit up, roll over, or crawl away instead of just laying there like a slug. Now, he looks just like mommy when she is trying to do her supermen. He gets frustrated like mommy too, and then he cries uncle and collapses from the exertion. Just like mommy.

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  1. Grandma WV4:01 PM

    He is trying so hard aw I am to tired.